Insteon Hub Review: Home Automation Made Easy

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8.9 /10

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5 Stars
TJ Farhadi
Author, Home Automation

With the dawn of the Apple HomeKit as the home automation industry standard, there’s no longer any reason why all your smart devices can’t interact with each other. With the Insteon Hub you can plug in all your home appliances and control them in either the Insteon+ app or in HomeKit.

Design 8.7

The design is sleek and intuitive. The Insteon Hub acts and looks like a router from the future for all Insteon compatible applications, as well as the new collection of HomeKit compatible products. The Hub can connect to WiFi and your mobile phone to control everything from scenes to individual lights in your tech-abode.

Insteon Hub Product Images

Insteon Hub Product Images
Insteon Hub Product Images

Software 9.1

The Insteon Hub has a incredibly simple application, the Insteon+. With the Insteon+, different automated rooms are just a swipe away, and you can fine-tune scenes to accommodate your daily routine.

Not only does the Insteon+ have Siri compatibility but it also sports over 500 custom icons you can utilize to add a little flare.

Warranty 8

Most Insteon products carry a 2 year warranty.

Performance 9.2

The performance of the Insteon hub is instantaneous with WiFi, and incredibly simplified for even the most casual home automator. With everything from integrated icon customization to scene creation for different vibes around the house—Insteon Hub is seamless.

Value 9.3

Both the Insteon Hub and the Insteon Hub Pro are incredibly affordable options for streamlining your home automation experience. We are still in a transition phase for Apple HomeKit compatibility. The Hub Pro could be your ultimate bridge to the future, while the Hub is an affordable budget option that is still completely viable.

TJ Farhadi
Author, Home Automation

TJ Farhadi is seriously concerned with anything having to do with automation and AI. In addition to seeking out the latest and greatest technologies, he loves kayaking across Lake Union.