Reviewing Apple’s Home Kit: All-in-One Home Automation

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8.4 /10

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TJ Farhadi
Author, Home Automation

The Apple HomeKit is gearing up to be one of biggest game-changing tools to date. The best part? It’s not a productit’s a language. What the Apple HomeKit does is create a platform that allows you to connect multiple smart devices and easily control them all from your phone. Various smart devices from automated blinds to light bulbs are beginning to be marked “HomeKit compatible.”    

Design 8.1

Once you have the proper compatible devices, you can then control their various attributes from their respective applications, that will all be contained in the HomeKit section of your phone.

Apple Home Kit Product Image

Apple Home Kit Product Image

Software 7

Possibly the greatest aspect of the HomeKit system is that now Siri can control all aspects of whatever piece of home automation you have connected.

Whether it be dimming lights, locking a door, or turning on a scene, you can now ask Siri to do virtually any of the commands that you can also manually input.

Warranty 9

There is no warranty—it is already installed in your iPhone.

Performance 8.6

Apple HomeKit doesn’t just make a streamlined interface for all of your home automation needs, it also gives you the ability to create a bundle of settings that activate throughout the day. Now after a stressful day at the office you can set up a relaxing scene and have the lights already dimmed and the chamomile hot 'n' ready.

Value 9.1

The Apple HomeKit is now up and running. There are several competitors in the market such as the Samsung’s SmartThings and Google’s recently acquired Nest but neither are as universally compatible and innovative as the HomeKit. Be sure to check out their list of compatible HomeKit products and start living that futuristic home automation lifestyle. Let Siri be your new all-in-one, one-for-all.

TJ Farhadi
Author, Home Automation

TJ Farhadi is seriously concerned with anything having to do with automation and AI. In addition to seeking out the latest and greatest technologies, he loves kayaking across Lake Union.