5 Health Apps for the Elderly

TJ Farhadi

Aging is never easy, but progressions in modern technology have made it a little easier. With the advent of smartphones came the development of apps. Focusing on aging, the following apps intend to help you age with ease.




1. Pill Reminder Pro

This app has multiple uses for all age groups. If you have numerous medications to take throughout the week, it can be hard to keep track of how many of each to take and when. Pill Reminder Pro uses push alerts to remind you when to take each prescription.

The app is simple and easy to use. You just have to enter the name of your pill, the dosage, frequency, and when to take each.




2. Motion Doctor

If you’re having pain in your joints or muscles, it may be time to stretch it out. Motion Doctor contains more than 60 professionally shot videos, created under the guidance of Dr. Desirea Caucci, who is rated as one of the top three physical therapists in the nation.

You have the option to choose from four categories: body part, activity, sport, or profession. For example, if you were to choose bicycling under the sport menu, you’d be presented with a list of exercises and stretches all cyclist should do in order to prevent injury.

Motion Doctor was designed to help everyone—not just athletes. You can select specific body parts that are sore and it will tell you exercises to do while giving you the reasoning for doing each. The app helps you feel healthier while teaching you about your body’s motion.




3. HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker

HeartWise’s home screen prompts the user to input data including systolic and diastolic BP, heart rate, and weight. This information is then stored in the chart along with the current time.

You can choose to display the readings by week, month and year. If there is any significant change in the data, it is documented and displayed in the chart readings so you are alerted to the concern.

You can export the stored readings to give to a healthcare professional or keep the information for later use. The app includes many help buttons along the way to guide anyone needing assistance.




4. ManDown App

If you’re worried about falling or are concerned that an aging relative might, ManDown is the perfect app for you. Start by entering the contact information for your family, friends, and colleagues. If you have an emergency, the app will automatically notify them via text, phone or email.

Once you have activated the ManDown App, it continuously monitors the phone’s movement.The default setting activates Full Alarm mode if the phone is motionless for 30 seconds. With Full Alarm activated, the phone sends out a local, audible alarm. It will also send out a text, email, and phone call to your emergency contact list.

You can change the motionless timer by hourly increments up to 24 hours.




5. Fitbit

Most of us have heard of the fitness tracker Fitbit by now. As health and fitness are becoming more prominent in people’s daily lives, new technology makes it easier to track and log your well-being.

Some Fitbit models monitor your heart rate and activity level throughout the day. That information is then sent to an app on your phone, which allows you to visually monitor your activity level. The newest model features an interchangeable strap, which can be styled to personal taste and can go unnoticed as a fitness tracker.

The bracelet and app combo is a great way for anyone to monitor their own activity levels. It helps remind you to make sure you’re getting a proper amount of exercise. This can become very important as we age. The more you monitor your health and activity, the higher the chance you have of aging gracefully.


Keep moving and live longer and happier.


TJ Farhadi
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