10 Meal Prep Ideas to Save You Time and Money

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Eating healthy can be challenging when you’re busy. Finding time to cook is near impossible in the daily life of millennials and there is only one way around it: meal prep. Cooking your food ahead of time and storing it in your fridge is a quick solution to consistently eating healthy.

Meal prep might turn some people off because the thought of eating the same thing over and over can seem a little boring. But, if you follow this guide and switch it up, you’ll have many exciting options and be on your way to that summer bod in no time.

Here are 10 meal prep ideas to get you through the week.




1. Three Seasonings

Chicken is one of the healthiest options on the menu, but it also gets boring fast. Change it up with little effort by dividing your oven pan into three sections. Choose three seasonings you love and go to town. Three great options for marinating your chicken are: honey mustard, Italian seasoning, and BBQ sauce. Cook your chicken as normal and enjoy the variety.




2. Hardboiled Eggs

Everyone loves eggs! Well, not everyone, but they’re a great source of protein. Making eggs last in the fridge can be tricky if they’re cooked any other way than hardboiled. So rather than spending time each day to cook eggs, try cooking a dozen at a time. Instead of trying to fit all of your eggs into one pot, try cooking them in the oven. Just put one egg into each spot on a muffin tray and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.




3. Frozen Smoothies

Do you love smoothies, but have no time to make them? No problem! On meal prep day, make your favorite smoothie in a large quantity. After your drink is made, pour each serving into muffin trays and freeze them. Each muffin space represents one serving. This is a great way to keep track of how much you’re eating and provide on-the-go convenience.




4. Pre-Chopped Veggies

Chopping your vegetables in bulk allows you to be nutritious without the hassle. Keeping vegetables ready to go in the fridge keeps unhealthy snacking down to a minimum. Cook your vegetables how you prefer and store them with your meal prep. Use them as side dishes or as snacks throughout the day.




5. Oatmeal Jars

Fiber fills you up and keeps you from unnecessary snacking throughout the day. Divide your uncooked oatmeal servings into mason jars and top them with your favorite fruit. These on-the-go oatmeal solutions will have you skipping those sugar-filled, packaged options and keep you feeling full until the next meal.




6. Breakfast Frittatas

Love breakfast? Me too. Mornings are a busy time unless you tend to wake up crazy early. For those who love their sleep, your quick breakfast solution is here. Make some egg muffins with any of these recipes and store them in your fridge for up to five days.




7. Protein Balls

Protein is needed to grow your muscles and keep fat down to a healthy level. It also keeps you full throughout the day, which keeps you from mindless snacking. Most protein bars on the market are full of sugar which defeats your healthy goal. Rather than spending money on sugar, try making your own protein snacks. If you love cookie dough, try this recipe.




8. Meat Skewers

If you love meat but aren’t losing weight, it may be because your portions are off. When something is healthy, that’s doesn’t mean you should eat too much of it. If you cut your meat into squares and put them on skewers with roasted veggies, it provides the perfect on-the-go meal with a correct serving size. Fish is tricky to store, but if you like salmon check out these pesto salmon kebabs.




9. Preassembled Salads

Greens are good. Everyone knows salads are healthy, but taking the time to assemble your healthy meal can be a hassle. Stack your salad ingredients in layers to avoid them mixing before you’re ready to eat. If you’re storing your salads in the fridge for multiple days, put a paper towel at the top to help absorb moisture. Here are some tips on how to prepare your salad.




10. Ready Tacos

Looking for a fiesta without the hassle of time? Eating bland meats and veggies can get pretty boring throughout the week. Tacos can be a nice release from the daily chicken meal. Prepare your ingredients ahead of time so you can throw a taco together on the go. Here is a great recipe to get you going on your Taco Tuesday.


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