Make Your Period (Almost) Fun with Our Le Parcel Review

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8.8 /10

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Kryssie Spence
Contributor, Subscription Boxes

Le Parcel brings you comfort at its best. We all hate “that time of the month”, so why not make it a little easier on yourself with a monthly delivery of cosmetics, artisanal chocolates, and jewelry—along with all the tampons, panty liners and pads you need to feel your best. No longer will you need to make a last-minute trek to the supermarket. With Le Parcel you can schedule your delivery so everything turns up right on time. Nice! Le Parcel will change the way you think about your period.

Subscription 9.2

Le Parcel makes it easy for you to deal with your period every month. How does it work? Simple. All you have to do is pick what you need and select your delivery date. You could choose up to 25 items, including top-brand tampons, pads and panty liners. You can update your order at anytime online, including changing the items you receive, scheduling a different delivery date or skipping a month.

Le Parcel Subscription Box

Le Parcel Subscription Box

What's Inside 8.5

You can customize your parcel by selecting up to 25 items each month. You can also select the brand that suits you—Le Parcel carries all major brands including Tampax Pearl, Kotex, and Playtex.

Of course, you also have the option to select your style: regular, heavy, thin, long and extra-long. This is your box; you decide what gets sent to you.

Packaging 8.5

With it's cute pink packaging, Le Parcel makes every box that they ship feel like it was made just for you! And you know what? It was. Everything you need comes in this little cardboard box, and opening it up is a colorful experience that will brighten your day!

Shipping 9.2

Schedule your shipping around the time you get your period. Don't worry, if you get it wrong you can change the date at any time. No more waiting in line, or last minute trips to the supermarket. Shipping and handling rates are $5 for the United States and $10 for Canada.

Value 8.4

For only $20 a month Le Parcel gives you convenience, comfort and a little surprise. Instead of living in fear of your period, why not turn it into a little celebration each month? Frankly, this is one of the best ideas we've seen so far for a subscription box—it'll save you time, money, and give you little boost when you need it most. What's not to like?

Kryssie Spence
Contributor, Subscription Boxes

Kryssie Spence loves a good surprise. She's obsessed with online shopping, going on urban adventures with her partner-in-crime, husband Josh, and prides herself on being the "Cool Aunt."