How to Hide Traces of Dating Multiple People

Rachel Brewson

Playing the field when dating has its advantages. You can cut through the early stages of multiple relationships knowing that not all will become serious. And let’s face it, the dating app revolution is here. We have access to a deeper dating pool, so why not do a little more than just dip a toe?

But of course while you swim towards the deep end, you still wouldn’t want any of your boy toys finding out about each other. So let’s take a look at ways to hide your traces of dating multiple people at the same time!




Custom Text Vibrations

You might not even know that your phone has the ability to create and assign unique ringtones per contact. Use this as a secret method to identify who is texting you before you even look at your phone. If you’re rocking the iPhone, here’s a quick how-to. And for you Android users, this app will perform a similar service!

The unique vibration might be a little tricky to identify when keeping your phone in your purse. But, if you’ve got that phone face down on the table, you should easily be able to differentiate vibrations. Your date will respond to your level of interest, so play it cool, and if you feel the vibration of the guy you’re seeing later that night, pretend like you just got another boring text from your mom.




Text Hiding/Encrypting Apps

You have options beyond the stock settings in your phone to hide traces of other lovers. Both iOS and Android offer apps that can suppress, hide and even encrypt messages. CoverMe iOS and Hide SMS for Android can redact your messages so if your date can see your phone, they won’t see that steamy sext from your other lover.




Google Voice iOS and Android

What might be considered the nuclear option, Google Voice gives you separate phone numbers that you can give to each of your love interests. This might lead to confusion if you can’t keep it all straight in your head, but this option could provide an airtight solution to any one of your partners seeing texts from different dates.




Suppressing App Notifications

Here’s another no-brainer that we too often forget. When you first launch an app, you’re given the choice of letting that app send you push notifications. Those are the pesky app messages that cause your phone to light up and vibrate.

You can change each app’s ability to send you push notifications in your phone’s settings in the notifications submenu. You don’t want Tinder waking your phone every five minutes when you’re in the middle of a romantic dinner, do you?




Keep It Quiet

If you don’t think you need to concern yourself with keeping traces of multiple partners under wraps, let’s paint a picture: You feel great about being open and honest with everyone you’re dating. You’re clear about why you can’t meet up at a specific time. But then Astin, Blake and Zayn start asking questions. “Why can’t I ever see you Friday night? Is he that much better than me?” Or you get blindsided by the dreaded “Who’s better in bed?”

You don’t want to have to explain Astin or Blake to Zayn. He’s sensitive, he can’t take that kind of brutal honesty. And with keeping it all quiet, you can save an unnecessarily stressful confrontation and keep each relationship running smoothly for as long as you’d like.




Remember, This Might Also Get Done to You

Of course, you must always remember that all this information could be used on you as well. You could be one of many to each of your ones of many. Your dates and lovers might be double booking right along with you. That’s an important realization that you should keep in the back of your mind when you try to hide traces of others. And, if you don’t like that feeling, then dating multiple partners at once might not be for you.




In The End

The likely goal in playing the dating field is to find someone special to share in your life’s adventures. Remember to remain respectful to each partner. Don’t lie to them if they suss out your other suitors. Hiding the truth is a little less painful than being caught in a deliberate lie. There’s nothing wrong with dating multiple people at once, but there is if you string along someone that thinks you and him are in an exclusive, monogamous relationship.



Rachel Brewson
Editor, Dating

Rachel Brewson, Dating Editor, has played matchmaker and dating coach to friends and colleagues, as well as written for xoJane, Thought Catalog and a handful of online blogs. She loves craft beer, the beach, and warm LA nights.